Hello and welcome to the Dental Cosmetic Center of Piscataway.

We have over fifteen years of experience, serving the Piscataway and surrounding community. We present you with the optimal dental health services. We are proud to offer you a choice of treatment options and take every effort to provide you with the highest quality of treatment in a clean and friendly atmosphere.

We do our best to help coordinate your dental benefits so that you get the accurate cost and benefits  for dental services. Our team explains all aspects of the service, service costs and your payment options. We want you to benefit from comprehensive, quality dental care, using appropriate payment options.

The Dental Cosmetic Center of Piscataway is now a Six Month Smiles® provider. Adults (16+) from Middlesex County, New Jersey can now benefit from this amazing service that provides results in an optimal time.

If you have questions, or need information for taking better decisions about your oral health, please get in touch with us.